Hamish Reid Videos

A sampling of some non-commercial videos from my Youtube channel. Not everybody's cup of tea, for sure... (a semi-temporary home for Hamish Reid Video until I can get  the real home set up).

Drive-By: Oilfield

A slow drive through the oilfields of the Central Valley (the Bakersfield and Taft areas, mostly) with a DSLR video hanging off my side window(s). And no, I didn't slow it down in post — I just drove very slowly, after sometimes waiting more than ten minutes for a suitable long break in the traffic...

Drive-By: Port

Another slow drive, this time through the Port of Oakland, as captured on a small DSLR hanging off my side windows...

Walkabout: Mono Lake

How to make beautiful Mono Lake sound a little sinister. It was an accident, but hey, I left it this way...

Sleep (The Alabama Hills)

A short stroll through the Alabama Hills (Lone Pine, California), with an iPhone and an Ikan Fly-X3 Plus.

Drive-by: Bridge

San Francisco Bay Bridge, March 2012. Soundtrack by Stephen M. Duffy, Oakland CA.

Pacific Champ

M.V. Pacific Champ departs Schnitzer Steel, Port of Oakland, May 2011.

Dumont Dunes

President's Day Weekend, 2009, Dumont Dunes, California: off-road vehicles, ATVs, dune buggies, RVs -- the lot, in all their fast-moving ear-splitting glory. Footage originally intended for a project that I never got around to doing, so here's a lightly-edited look, two years later...


Round Mountain Road, Tupman Road, Highway 33, 7th Standard Road. California, October / November 2009. Copyright 2009 Hamish Reid.

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